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Please note that Prices on the website will be always final and Prices are as per Advance Remittance as we sell goods online only in Advance terms. Nominal $150 shipping cost would be charged for shipment value only under $20,000.


COMMISSION is not less than one percent (1%) of the total sale amount in the absence of a prior agreement to the contrary. Payment of the BROKER’S COMMISSION is the responsibility of the seller and not the buyer, unless an understanding was reached prior to the completion of the sale. It is unethical for the seller and buyer to by-pass the BROKER and deal directly once negotiations have begun.

Memorandum (Memo)

Merchandise given on consignment can be designated on a MEMORANDUM (MEMO). The goods so entrusted cannot be sold without the explicit permission of the owner and remain the property of the owner until a transaction is completed. The items listed on the MEMORANDUM become the consignee’s financial, legal and ethical responsibility from the moment the MEMO is signed. It is recommended that the MEMO be signed directly under the last item listed. Goods on MEMORANDUM may not be pledged, offered, mailed, subsequently given to someone else on MEMO, nor can they in any way leave the possession of the consignee without the owner’s explicit consent. It is good policy to check the weight of the goods on receipt and to make sure that the goods are examined and weighed by the owner upon return. When returning the goods, ask for the original signed copy of the MEMORANDUM or see that each stone returned is crossed off the MEMO by the owner. MEMOS should be filled out correctly. Use proper names, accurate weights, dates and prices. If a percentage below any price guide (price list) is used, indicate which guide is used and the date of the issue used. Goods on MEMORANDUM may be recalled at the discretion of the owner. Goods must be returned promptly upon demand by the owner.


A CACHET is a sealed envelope in which a prospective buyer has placed a stone(s). The CACHET precludes the viewing of the sealed goods by anyone other than the prospective buyer. An offered price and any terms that may be desired can be written on the CACHET which constitutes an offer by the buyer.

A CACHET is valid for 24 hours (or one full working day) when sealed by the buyer, and up to 48 hours (two working days) when the prospective buyer is out of Country and the transaction is handled by a BROKER.

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