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Welcome to our Accredited Online Gemological Laboratories!

Having doubt about color of your gemstone or diamond?

We Provide Color Description and Certificate for your gemstone/diamond.

no matter If your are Appraiser, Gemologist, Lapidary, Jeweler, Dealer, Trader, Manufacture, Collector Or Gem Owner. all can benefit from our services

All work is done online, you don’t need to send us your gem/diamond. Provide us necessary details and high resolution picture of your GemStone/Diamond , once our Analyze is complete  We will E-Mail you Our Report.

We Only Analyze The Color Of Gems According the Picture you send us, all other details like Gem Type/Species/Weight/Dimensions should be provided by you and we generate our report according to your Details.

Color Report System

You may want to inquire about color of your gemstone & qualifications. Having the proper Tools & Equipment is imperative.

We provide latest technology edge software to analyze the color of your gemstone, our systems is standard according to GIA Color System and Approved by AGS, AGA, ASA, & NAJA.

Our Certificates are totally unbiased since we are not buying or selling the GemStone.

Report Sample

Once we receive gemstone details & picture we will analyze the color and generate the result in our Certificate, other details like Gem Type/Species/Weight/Dimensions is based on the info you have provided us.

Here you can find a sample of our Certificates:

Download PDF SAMPLE Report for Authorized Members: Click Here

Free Members Sample Report:
Certificate Sample

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