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When shopping for an appraiser, you may want to inquire about equipment and qualifications. but how can you trust private appraisers grading results when there are qualified laboratories offering same price for grading?
Gemological laboratories offer a wide range of services from gemstone and gemstone treatment identification to origin determinations and diamond grading. Their services include the identification of the nature of a particular gemstone,
whether it is an unaltered gem formed in nature, a synthetic created by man or even an imitation. Gemological laboratories can also determine if a gem is treated to improve its color or transparency and some can also provide information about the probable geographic origin of a gemstone.

But these Accredited laboratories are not qualified to issue professional appraisals because they are simply not buying or selling the merchandise and not formally connected to any trade organization. A gem laboratory should never give a value or appraisal to a stone.

We are enthusiastically offering appraising service with all its challenges only for Certified Diamonds, Colored Gemstones, Pearls and jewelries.
We Only accept Certificates from following Laboratories which are qualify by GILC (the Gemstone Industry and Laboratory Committee):

- the CISGEM S.p.A. Laboratory, located in Milan, Italy.
- the GAAJ-ZENHOKYO laboratory, located in Tokyo, Japan.
- the GIA Laboratory with 3 locations: Two in the USA (Carlsbad and New York), one in Bangkok, Thailand.
- the GIT-Gem Testing Laboratory, located in Bangkok, Thailand.
- the Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd., located in Lucerne, Switzerland.
- the Swiss Gemmological Institute - SSEF, located in Basel, Switzerland.

The Following Laboratories are not member of GILC but they are also qualified and we accept them:

- American Gemological Laboratories (AGL)

- GemResearch Swisslab Laboratories (GRS)

- GemLab Liechtenstein

We take our appraisal tasks very seriously and are devoted to helping the consumer understand fair market price and to be straightforward and honest.

The Free Online Appraising is only available for professional Jewelers, appraisers and gemologists or Auction Houses because they are qualified to testimony about gem/jewelry condition and if the certificate or report is genuine. Please note that appraising for Gems and Jewelries without Certificate or Grading report cannot be done online or without take-in for appraising in depth.

Apply for your Appraising Report HERE.

Here is some Appraising Samples:


Grading Report Sample:


We Provide all of our Report in Digitally Signed PDF file which can not be edited or else the signature will fail to verify the report.

Type of Appraisal Services by Diamond Club
  • Appraisals for: insurances
    An appraisal report for insurance purposes contains the actual replacement value. Having your jewelry, diamonds and silverware appraised on forehand will safeguard you from discussion afterwards with the insurance companies after a possible loss are damage. Besides, an accurate description and pictures of your lost or stolen article will increase the change to track it down. It is advisable to renew your appraisal every 3 till 4 years.
  • Appraisals for: estates, donations, divisions
    An appraisal report for the purpose of estates, donations and divisions offer the various parties the possibility to come to a fair division (with less risk on disagreements).
  • Appraisals for: pawns or pledges
    An appraisal report for the purpose of notaries, attorneys, testament-executors, tax-advisors and banks who need an official report for their customers.
  • Appraisals for: damage definition
    In case a certain article is damaged and a report is needed of its price devaluation but also of the repair costs, repairing advice and possible new value after its repair.

Professionals rely on Diamond Club

Diamond Club does not only appraise for the public, we also work in close cooperation with notaries, attorneys, insurance companies, accountants, modern jewelers, banks, curators, bailiffs, Auction Houses and testament executors. Irrespectively your situation, when you have jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, precious metals and/or massive silverware…..Diamond Club is your address for appraisals!

Advantages of an appraisal report

An appraisal that is regulary brought up-to-date (approx. every 3 till 4 years) simplifies the burden of proof and thus the discussion afterwards in case of a damage. Well made appraisals have to be considered as binding for damage settlements. A regulary brought up-to-date report also prevents the risk of being over- or under-insured.

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