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The 4Cs of diamond grading helps you understand exactly what you are buying. That’s why GIA created this universal standard for diamond quality. And That’s why We Proudly Offer Diamonds Graded by GIA.

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What We do In Diamond Club

With Long History & Experience in the fine jewelry business we have access to a vast jewelry buying network.

We are specialize in Diamonds & Gemstones, We are independent merchant selling goods from our own inventory or merchandise for which we have accepted full responsibility with the approval of our source(s).

We Also Provide:

Gemstone, Diamond, Jewelry, Pearl, Watch Professional Analytical Consulting & Appraisal Services.

We offer the Highest Level of Certification and Reports in Trade.

Our Mission
  • carrying out the activities and objectives of the organization in accordance with the laws & Following ethical principles in trade
  • Establishing and promoting industry-wide standards of disclosure
  • Disseminating accurate and reliable information
  • Providing arbitration tribunals to adjudicate differences and controversies among our members and others
Our Objective

The objective of the Diamond Club is to develop higher business ethics and eliminate unfair trade practices.

Why Buy Diamonds from Us

The diamonds that you want are on Diamond Club and buying diamonds through us allows you to deal directly with manufacturer. Get to know diamond professionals and build long-term relationships with trustworthy, reputable sellers.


It is our solemn responsibility towards our members, or any potential buyer, to disclose both verbally and on all documentation (INVOICES, MEMORANDUMS, etc.) any treatment or any other process which alters the clarity or color of the merchandise or any part thereof.

Free Services

We are proud to present many Free Services. You can get your free and professional Diamond Club’s Accredited Appraisal Report also you can get many free softwares like Diamond Plotter or Free Order & Sales Management solution for Diamond Dealers in our website. you can Check Your GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL, AGS Diamond’s Certificate/Report online, We also provide FREE COLOR REPORT service for your colored-stones or colored-diamonds.


We Provide free comprehensive information Regarding The Essential Four Cs of Diamond according to GIA’s Standards and also about Simulants, Synthetic, Treatments.

Affordable Education

Diamond Club of America is to provide quality, affordable distance education to enhance the ability of our members’ associates to sell fine jewelry with expertise, integrity, and professionalism, and to fuel the passion of those looking to learn about our industry.

In order to meet this mission, DCA develops, markets, and delivers nationally accredited distance-education courses on diamonds, colored gemstones, and jewelry. While a tremendous amount of information about these subjects is now available from the internet and other sources, most of it is promotional or commercial rather than educational in nature. In contrast, DCA’s accredited courses are designed to meet the needs of individuals who have a professional interest in diamonds, gemstones, or jewelry, and seek information that is clear, solid, balanced, unbiased, and comprehensive. DCA’s courses provide knowledge and skills needed to sell jewelry, assist customers with purchase decisions, and function as a member of a jewelry store’s professional team. Please visit Online Courses for more Information


Our Premium membership provides the most comprehensive set of rights and privileges to the prestigious Diamond Club.


  1. Individuals who are or wish to engage in the diamond and or colored gemstone industry, or related jewelry industry trade.
  2. Individuals who wish to market their products and services to the jewelery industry
  3. Must be 21 years of age or older.
  4. Must be employed or a business owner for a minimum of two years.


  • The right to buy and sell diamonds.
  • Easily buy and sell diamonds to other members who are known and respected in the jewelry industry.
  • Network with leading diamond dealers, brokers and jewelry manufacturers.
  • Receive a certificate of Membership (Certificate Of Authenticity) of the Diamond Club suitable for framing.
  • Gemstones Price List.
  • AUTHORIZED Professional Color REPORT.
  • Appraisals for: estates, donations, divisions, damage definition,pawns or pledges.

We are extremely pleased to introduce you for the first time to our new Colored Stones and Diamond Price list. we provide updated professional price list for following gemstones:

  1. Sapphires (Blue/Golden/Yellow/Pink/Orange)
  2. Diamonds
  3. Rubies

Our Price Lists are revolutionary on-line wholesale pricing system that allocates prices to , colored gemstones as well as diamonds and fancy colored diamonds, Our Database is updated on a monthly basis by accumulated data from online trading and industry consultants and is offered only to our member who are industry professionals.



1. Purpose and Function.

The purpose of  our appraising report is to provide an estimated retail replacement value. The function of this report is to obtain insurance. This appraisal document cannot be used for any other purpose or function.

2. Basis of Value.

The value stated reflects the replacement cost new for a comparable item unless otherwise stated. The retail value stated is based on the date of this appraisal only. Research for the stated value uses current market information. Consideration is given to design execution, condition, quality, and desirability. Trademarks and copyrights are also considered as well as place of purchase.

3. Sales Tax.

This appraisal report does not include sales tax. Individual sales tax or other taxes can vary over time based on laws and geographic location. You should contact your insurance agent to determine if it is covered ion your policy should a replacement occur.

4. Role of the Appraiser.

This report is not an offer to buy or sell the item at any price. Unless otherwise stated I have examined every item in this report. Unless otherwise stated I have no past, present, or future interest in the items in this report.

5. Documentation.

Photographs in this report are not to be used as an accurate guide to color representation or size. They represent design only. Diamond and colored gemstone grading are systems and nomenclature are based on those developed by the Gemological Institute of America.

Copies of this report will not be released to third parties without written consent of the client unless legally required to do so.

6. Identification and Quantification of Materials.

Metals are described as stamped or tested and are assumed to be consistent throughout. Weights and measurements are estimates or exact and will be stated as such. When estimated, they will be based on accepted gemological practices and formulas.

7. The condition grade may be given and will be described as “new,” “normal wear,” or related status.

8. Appraiser’s Standards of Performance.

This appraisal has been prepared in accordance with the general standards of Diamond Club organization.


No part of The Diamond Club website (Site), nor any data or content therein, may be reproduced, modified, or distributed in any form or manner without the prior written permission of an authorized representative of Diamond Club and in conformance with Diamond Club’s By-Laws and Constitution. Use of data mining, robots, spiders, web-crawlers or similar data gathering and extraction tools is prohibited on the Diamond Club website, its data and any other content. Also prohibited is any reproduction, reprinting, copying, storage, public display, broadcast, transmission, modification, translation, porting, publishing, sub-licensing, assignment, transfer, sale, loan or other distribution of Diamond Club website content or data (including, but not limited to, email addresses and Tell or FAX numbers, which may not be used for any marketing purposes) in any form without prior written consent from an authorized Diamond Club representative. Circumventing any mechanisms included in the Diamond Club website or its content for preventing the unauthorized reproduction, use, or distribution of same is prohibited. Use of the website or information contained therein in any unlawful manner or in any other manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair the Site is also prohibited. The consequences of such activity may include suspension of access to the website, immediate expulsion from membership and all the benefits thereof, as well as legal liability for consequences and costs of any illegal use Diamond Club data and costs incurred in restoring the website to its full functionality. These consequences will be immediate, without notice, and in the sole discretion of Diamond Club.


Return Policy

Internet Purchases: You have 10 days to return your purchase for any reason. All sales are final after 10 days. You MUST contact us immediately once you receive your package to notify us of any problem regarding the condition of the piece, such as damage or extreme wear. If you have not contacted us within this short time period we will assume that any damage upon return was caused by you. We take the utmost care to package our shipments and make sure that our jewelry is in the best condition possible. Exchange for store credit only within 30 days. Shipping and sizing are non refundable.

In Store Purchases or Single Stones with Grading Reports/Certificate: No Refunds. Exchange for store credit only within 30 days. No refund for gems or jewelries which has been worn, altered or damaged.

Layaways: All sales final. Final payment is due no later than 90 days from the date of the initial down payment.

Because mountings prohibit full and accurate observations of gem quality and weight, all data pertaining to mounted gems can be considered as approximate unless accompanied by an independent laboratory certificate (AGL, EGL, GIA, IGI, AGS). Unless otherwise stated, all colored stones and pearls are assumed to be subject to a relatively stable and possibly undetected color or clarity enhancement.

Instructions for Return:

You have 10 days from the time your package arrives to return your item. All returned jewelry items must be in the same condition as was sent to you. No jewelry will be accepted for return if it is damaged, altered or worn. Please contact us to arrange for your return. You must ship the package back to us registered insured through FedEx/USPS or any other Insured Courier , fully insured for the retail value, and pack the items safely and securely. Once the item is received by us, we will check the condition of the item and issue a refund, less any shipping or sizing charges, within 3 days of receipt. If you have any questions regarding these procedures please contact us at the numbers provided.

Payment and Shipping Policies

​We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover, PayPal and bank transfers.

We DO NOT accept personal checks, cashiers checks or bank checks, money orders or Western Union. We must ship to the billing address on your credit card

We now offer free FedEx 2nd Day shipping on all orders under $10,000 and free FedEx Priority overnight shipping on purchases over $10,000

Upgrade your shipment to FedEx Priority overnight for $30.
Upgrade your shipment for a Saturday delivery for $20.
Any additional fees are non-refundable.

All shipments are insured for the full value of the package and require a signature upon delivery. Orders that are placed after 2 pm Friday through Sunday can be shipped at the earliest on the following Monday. We only ship Monday through Thursday for Priority Overnight shipping, however Saturday delivery is available upon request for an additional $20. Since a signature is required, we always contact you prior to shipping to confirm that you will be available to receive the package. Once the item is shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking information so you can track your package. We ship in plain FedEx priority boxes.

If your billing address is a P.O. Box we will ship USPS Registered Insured or USPS Express Overnight depending on the value of the piece. Please note that USPS registered Insured mail can take 3-6 days to arrive. Both options are fully insured. APO addresses have an insurance limit of $5,000 and must be shipped via USPS.

We ship almost all international packages via FedEx International Priority. There is a flat rate of $110 for all International shipments. Shipping charges will apply to all international purchases. We are not able to ship to all locations due to limitations on insurance value and customs procedures.

**Please note that we are only able to ship to the billing address listed on your credit card. If you would like to ship to an alternate address, you may pay via wire transfer or by American Express. American Express allows you to add a secondary shipping address on your account that we can call and verify prior to shipping. Please call us with any questions.


Unless otherwise stated, all gemstones are graded and evaluated in their mountings to the maximum extent that the mounting permits examination. Approximate weights are formulated by taking measurements and applying acceptable formulas; as such they are estimates only. Keen determination of color, clarity and proportions may be prevented by certain types of mountings, small fancy, round, full and single, and baguette cut diamonds (melee) are evaluated according to their approximate weights and average quality grades using Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading scale.

Major diamonds are graded with the use of pre-graded permanent master diamonds color comparison stones and the grading nomenclature prescribed by the GIA. Colored Gemstones are graded using the GIA prescribed colored stones grading system and nomenclature. Major colored stones are described using GemeWizard  and/or GIA’s GemSets system.

Because mountings prohibit full and accurate observation of gem quality and weight, all data pertaining to mounted gems can be considered as approximate unless accompanied by an independent laboratory certificate (AGL, EGL, GIA, IGI, AGS). Unless otherwise stated, all color gemstones and pearls are assumed to be subject to a relatively stable and possibly undetected color or clarity enhancement.

Authenticity, antiquity, decorative periods, vintages and or circa dating are determined to the best of our ability based on materials incorporated, methods of manufacture, design, hallmarks and signatures, lapidary techniques, technological developments and consultation of our extensive reference library and materials. Dating and period attributions are not an exact science as decorative periods frequently overlap and borrow influences from one another.

Notification of Changes

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes here,


The 4Cs of diamond grading helps you understand exactly what you are buying. That’s why GIA created this universal standard for diamond quality. And That’s why We Proudly Offer Diamonds Graded by GIA.

If you have an Inquiry Just Contact Us.

Diamond Shapes Collection

When Speaking of Diamond, The round brilliant is the most familiar shape. All others are generally classified as fancy shapes. These include the emerald cut, cushion, antique cushion, oval, pear, marquise, heart and many other shapes.

Diamonds cut and polished in different shapes to unlock their beauty within a rough diamond crystal.

Please Download Our Diamond Club Standard Diamond Shapes Collection Posters.

Diamond Shapes Collection 1

Download JPG  Download PNG

Diamond Shapes Collection 2

Download JPG   Download PNG

Certificate Of Authenticity

DiamondClub Certify it’s Resellers In Accordance with following International Organization’s Standards:

JVC - Jewelers Vigilance Committee


CIBJO -  Confédération Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie

AGTA - The American Gem Trade Association

Free Professional Color Analyze Report

Get your Professional Colored Gem Stones or Fancy Colored Diamonds Report. Click Here To Apply.

AGTA GemeShare Online Trading Platform Now Live

The AGTA GemeShare online marketplace:  http://www.agtagemeshare.com/

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) is pleased to announce that the AGTA GemeShare™ online colored gemstone trading platform is now live and operational. Buyers will be able to search for specific gemstones online.

With the AGTA GemeShare platform, only AGTA Members can list gemstones for sale, which means you can be assured that you are buying from companies who adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and disclosure.

All gemstones are accompanied by a photographic image along with the accurate color of the gemstone, verified by the seller using the GemeWizard™ color analysis system.

please visit our sister website: http://www.gemclub.co for more information

4C's Poster Support Kit

The Diamond Club 4C’s chart Poster Support Kit has Designed to provide you and your sales staff with an array of tools to assist them in educating the public about diamonds. 4Cs

Poster is designed to address questions customers have about the 4Cs and the diamond grading process. It also indicated that you are a member and a part of Diamond Club Family. Place the Poster on your store counter, Download 4C’s Poster Support Kit 

Free Diamond Plot Software

Diamond Club Proudly presents, Another free service from Diamond Club for Gemologist. a diamond plotter software with many features, and yet Free!

Any professional appraiser and gemologist needs to plot diamonds , an in all genuine reports there is plotting diagram for Diamonds over 0.50ct (e.g. GIA/AGS/AGTA/HRD Reports). but there was no such single application to satisfy needs of gemologists, our software give yous speed and grasp ability to draw inclusion in the plot, our software provides all necessary tools for drawing like a professional Vector program like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator but its Free and made for Diamond Plot and it has editable inclusion library and many more feature that is needed by Gemologist.


Click here  to Download Latest Diamond Plotter (NEW ZIP FILE containing sample plot and inclusion library)

Download zip file and extract all files ( main program and inclusion library and plot sample). run program and load inclusion in “Symbols Library” then in Toolbar select Plot and “Set Plot” and load Plot Sample for Round cut (ROUND SAMPLE.wmf) thats all !

For More info Please visit Our GitHub Page

Tutorial Video




Perfect Diagram

Plotting inclusions couldn’t be easier when you can work with 2500+ gemstones shapes including various proportions.

A free sample pack of Perfect Diagram images is available for download and Images included with the sample pack are in the WMF format (Windows Media Format) and may be inserted into suitable software including MS Word. The download file is in ZIP format.

Click Here to Download Perfect Diagram Sample Pack

Order Perfect Diagram

To order Perfect Diagram please visit http://www.perfectdiagram.com


Standard of Excellence

We Present the finest colored gemstones. In our premium collection ‘more than just rare’, we offer some very special treasures of Nature, many of them far rarer than diamonds: Imperial Topaz, Aquamarine, Demantoid & Mandarin Garnet, Tanzanite, Ruby or Sapphire. Beside that, Constant in wild provides the whole range of highest quality gemstones for Jewelry lovers, Collectors & Investors.

cibjo   agta  ica agta  agta

Diamond Club

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